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As you may know, we are a themed group.  While we try not to be overly strict in evaluation of artwork submitted, we have and will vote down submission we fill does not go well with the overall theme.  That being said, there is one area we have been seriously lacking this discipline in the acceptance policy.  :no: We, the admins, have found ourselves having trouble voting down on a submission when staring at the faces of our members.  This has left the "Photography" gallery in shambles.

"…some of the single portraits/deviant IDs; most are agreeably dark, but borderline acceptable theme-wise."

Therefore, over then next week or so, we will be going through a review of the previous submissions and removing those we feel do not go well.  Please try to not feel offended if we remove a beloved picture.  If you really feel that it belongs, please tells us and we may reconsider.  We are mortal, well most of us, and we are not beyond making mistakes in judgement.

There is somewhat of a consensus that a photograph being dark, alone is not enough.  We would like to see some creativity, with elements of the fanciful and that of the surreal.  We want to see what lies deep withing your imagination.  

:eager:Show us that inner child that fears to step out into the sunlight.
My apologies,  I have not been on deviantART much the last month due to a death in the family.  Unfortunately the submissions are piling up and *gasp* some have expired.  Hopefully over the next two weeks I can get the group up to date.  If you have had a submission expire, please resubmit them
We are instituting a small policy change in regards to the natural state of humanity.  Up till this point in time, we have been avoiding any depictions of nudity what so ever.  After a brief discourse, with our founder, LittleBlackBird79, we will be opening up our gallery to art that contains nudity.

“I believe that nudity should be allowed but it has to be ‘tasteful’ (I know this is quite subjective...I mean nothing overtly explicit). I wouldn't support pornography or anything approaching it. If nudity is used for the sake of form, to express a certain aesthetic, then I am all for it. … I know some might be offended or discomforted by it, but we shouldn't be completely closed off to the notion.” ~ LittleBlackBird79

:police:  This does not mean we will be accepting pornography or other obscene material.  If you submit such works they can and will be rejected!
Children are very demanding and impatient little creatures. They have so so many needs.  They need our attention, and our acceptance, and most of all they need our affection.  Our mother, LittleBlackBird79 know this, and deeply regrets being unable to give you all the attention she knows you deserve.  However life the road of life is filled with many unavoidable curiosities that have kept her away from the children she adores.  

With this in mind she has asked boegeob and myself (Odin-the-Allfather) to act in her behalf whilst she is away.  It is our first goal to get the submission process moving again.  If in the past you have made submissions,only to have them to expire, then I would encourage you to resubmit them.  We will strive to make sure they do not go unheeded again..

Hopefully, in time, you will begin to see some movement within the group as we make our way into that dark and innocent future mother has foreseen.  If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to ask.  In the mean time I shall leave you with the words of someone far wiser than myself.

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. ~ C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963)

:heart: P.S. From time to time mother will check in on you, and make sure you are safely tucked into your beds.
Good Day (or evening) Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please excuse me for my extended absence and for being so lethargic with the group. Due to my limited free time, I am unable to handle the group properly. I sincerely wish I could be more active.(Please excuse me, all who have submitted art, yet have not recieved a reply. I know there has been much great work that has come and gone. It's a pity that it is so...)

For these reasons, I am wondering if one of our members is willing to help maintain the group by becoming a co-founder or at least part of the administration. I am bit shorthanded in maintaining the submission area. This is my greatest concern, but any help is appreciated. In you are intrested, you may leave me a note or comment. Please bear with me if I don't respond immediately. It's not that I am ignoring your message, it's most likely I haven't found the time to respond.

I greatly appreciate your attention and time. Have a lovely time creating and discovering new things and exploring day by day that great curiousity called Life.

Black Bird

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