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Welcome to our cabinet of curiousity

Elegant. Dark. Surreal. Imaginative. Poetic. Delicate. Ethereal. Lugrubious. Somber. Decadant. Rococo. Innocent. Curious. Wild. Antique. Fragile. Joyful. Melancholic.

These words weave the symphonies of our singular souls. We cherish the night, the moon, and her lovely stars. We ponder the stillness of the past and the beauty of the moment. We live in the shadows, puppet theathers of curiousity and wonder. Our poetry, our art fills the winding labyrinths of forgotten fairy tales. We run free under solitary skies, amongst the mystery of the dark and the divinity of the day. We are children, living in our hidden worlds, our imaginations drowning us in phantasmagoric wonder. Invisible flowers intoxicate us in reveries of enchanted sorrow. We are not afraid of the dark, we embrace it because we know that it lives in harmony with the light. We ask questions, from simple and childlike to philosophical and profound. We long for knowledge, for shadows, for elegance. We dance with words, with images, with ideas and emotions. We paint our pain, we compose our euphoria. We are not ashamed to be different, because it is there where true human beauty is found. We are artists, daydreamers, moonstruck romantics, inquisitive children. We are all of these because we live within that fragile, lucid land where the infinity of the mind meets the eternity of the universe...

This group is for anyone with a love of dark, imaginative, or childlike stories, movies, drawings, manga/anime etc. This is also a place for lovers of Tim Burton, Lewis Caroll, Roald Dahl, Edward Gorey, Shel Silverstein, Harry clarke, Guilliermo del Toro or any other artists with strange yet fascinating styles.

This is also a group for anyone with a love of the artistic genres: Surrealism, Symbolism, Romanticism... We also welcome admirers of Steampunk, Clockpunk, Gothic Lolita (all Lolita styles), neo-Victorianism, Dark Romanticism... anything elegant, dark, imaginative, or decadent.

This is a group for anyone who loves to dream, Any child stuck in a grownup's body, Anyone still enchanted by fairytales, Any admirer of dark but delicate art, anyone with their head in the clouds. Anyone belatedly afflicted with the mal du siecle!

We are the children of the moon.

About Us


About Us

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